How to find out Blog Post Ideas?

5 steps to find out next blog post iseas
ways to find out blog post ideas

⭐ PRO TIP: Find Easy to Rank Blog Post Topic Ideas?

Today, I’m going to discuss 5 steps formula which can help you to find easy to rank blog posts idea.

  • STEP_1: Make a list of your competitors which has LOW DA (Domain Authority) than your site.


  • STEP_2: Enter the site URL in any Keyword Research tool like Ahrefs or Ubersuggest.


  • STEP_3: Now click on “Top Pages” and check which articles are driving traffic to your competitors.

(And have 0 backlinks)

  • STEP_4: Now With Ahrefs or SEMRush, you can steal all the keywords which are driving traffic to these articles.


  • STEP_5: Create a more in-depth and helpful article than your competitors

And use all the keywords (Which you’ve collected in STEP 4) in your article to rank your article easily.

⭐ Your article can rank easily because:


REASON_1: Your DA is higher

REASON_2: Your competitor’s article has 0 backlinks.

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