12 Tips to start your YouTube Channel

How to start your YouTube channel
Tips to start your YouTube channel

Today I will give you some important tips to get immense success on YouTube, I have started 2 YouTube channels which are very successful,  you all can also achieve success on YouTube. So, I will not waste your more time. Let’s just starts with the 12 Tips to start your YouTube Channel :

1) Find your Passion:  If you are going to start your YouTube channel (or running) and want to success in YouTube then you need to find your passion first, in which you have to work for at least 6 months by uploading at least 3 videos per week, or I will recommend 6 (if you can), otherwise minimum 3 videos a week. You need to be consistent to upload videos.

2) Time Scheduling: You have to fix your upload time (Whenever your audience are most active), I prefer to upload after
7 PM (if Indian audience). Announce your Timings on YouTubeyouutube channel tips

3) Choose Language wisely: Create Videos on Local languages (Preferable Hindi) as there are more people to watch videos.
Or you can also go for Tamil, Telegu or some other local languages (There is a huge gap in the market).

4) Thumbnail Matters more: Your Thumbnail of Videos should be very attractive and clickable; People should click on your video by curiosity (create curiosity on a thumbnail). I use to prefer Yellow Background for a thumbnail as Yellow color is easy to visible. (a Most crucial part of the video).

5) Engaging Content in the beginning: Once People click your video, your responsibility to engage them immediately, you do not need to tell them (like, subscribe or share) in beginning, your first 8 seconds will decide whether People will watch your full video or leave for next video. So, give the best value in starting.

6) Engagement till the End: More will you engage them, more they will give you watch time, and remember YouTube is a game of WATCH TIME. If you are able to engage them then YouTube will show your videos to more people. Engagement (Watch time) matters a lot. YouTube will suggest your video to more Popular uploads of the same topic.

7) Keyword Research: Do some keyword research on competitor videos use VIDIQ (free chrome extension), to an analysis of competitor keywords (in YouTube its tags). Do not copy them exactly but You Can use them your videos tags, Title, and Description. VIDIQ Extension will give you a ranking of keywords.

8)Video Length: Ideal Video length should to 7 to 10 minutes (As per my experience as I have uploaded more than 800 videos in all three channels). Or at least 5 minutes long.
9)Use “I” Button (YouTube features), to promote your existing videos. Use the “End Screen” to promote your other famous videos.

10)Niche Selection: Choose the niche which has a large audience size (it should be the first point). My niche is competitive exams. You can select your niche according to your passion and interest area. For selecting a niche you just need toperform a research and analysation.

11) Unique Content: There are lots of content on YouTube, so do something different to present your content, do not copy others style, you must make your own unique style to create a video. You just need to be consistent while creating  unique video content as per your style.

12) Stay Consistent: You need only one video to get success on YouTube, if your one video will get viral then the channel will grow like anything. 😊
I have a lot to say about YouTube, but this post is already lengthy, Consistency is the key to success on YouTube or any other platform. Do one thing at a time and be persistent.


If you have any questions related to YouTube then feel free to ask me in the comment section. I will try to answer them. If you want to grow your business with digital marketing and generate leads for your business then I have made a separate lead generation blog for you.
I hope that you People find this post useful if you want more tips to start your YouTube channel this then please comment.


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    This blog has given me an idea about starting my YouTube Channel and growing it exponentially, thanks to Rahul Kumar

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