How to optimize Google my business listing?


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Google my business Overview 
Google my business optimization Checklists
13 ways to optimize Google my business listing

Want to know, How to Optimize Google my business Listing?

Google My Business also is known as GMB listing is an online platform that was launched in India in the year 2014 by Google. This platform will help you to showcase your Business or Organisation on Google through NAP which indicates Name, Address, and Phone Number. This platform is free of cost and easy to use. GMB helps to manage your online presence across the Google maps and searches. In this blog you will get answers to all your queries like:

How to make my business show up on Google search?

How to optimize Google my business 2021?

What are Google my business hacks?

How to improve google my business ranking?

What are google my business SEO tricks?

What are Google my business ranking factors?

How do I rank higher on Google Maps?

How to optimize your Google My Business listing?

Google My Business Optimization Checklists:

Google my business guide

  • Do not keywords in your Business Name
  • Write the proper address in your GMB Listing. If you have multiple listings then there must be a separate GMB listing for different locations.
  • Enter the local office contact number.
  • Enter a complete and accurate location.
  • Choose the best category for your business.
  • Enter your official website
  • For multiple locations, you can add a location page of your website.
  • Add as many images as possible.
  • Add the keyword as the name for the images.
  • Add “Business View”, by hiring a google approved photographer.
  • Add every possible detail like hours of operation, descriptions, posts, offers, etc
  • Add the title, Meta description, header tags with local keywords.
  • Add your keywords in the content and sprinkle it with LSI keywords.
  • Have the name, full address, and phone number on the footer of every page and keep it consistent with what you have used to set up GMB.

If you have a Business listing on Google then you can just optimize your business listing for the purpose of getting more enquiries for your business. If you are not having a business listing then you can create GMB profile by just verifying your business information Google. Also, you can list your business in the database of Google which helps your customer to find you easily and you can get more business leads easily.

There are many ways to optimize your Google Maps account. Here are 13 Ways to Optimize your Google My Business Listing:

13 Ways to Optimize Google My Business Listing:

Secrets to optimize google my business

1. Update your GMB account on a Daily Basis.

Add pictures related to your brand on a regular basis. Post offers, post events, add updates, and write content related to your product/services on a daily basis on your Google business listing. That would be helpful for you to easily optimize your GMB Account. This will help you to get organic leads for your business/services from google without paying a single penny.Proper Listing Of Business:

2. Add proper location to your Google Business profile.

If you have multiple locations then each listing should have its own listing. Listing about your brand, business/services properly, and correct with all your information such as; Business Name, Present / Permanent Address, Phone Number, Open Timings, Website URL, Pin your Address on Google Map, etc all other information which they have asked for. Fill it all with exact and full information so that customers/clients can easily find you, reach you, and know about your business easily with the help of that information which is provided by you in your GMB dashboard.

3. Write Description of your Business:

Add a proper and well-written description of your business/services in the description box within a word limit of 750 words. Use keywords related to your business so that customers can easily find you while searching for your product/services. A description not only helps in showcasing about your brand but it will help in ranking in searches. That’s why a proper point to point well-written description about your brand, business, services, and the product is a must.

4. Use keywords related to your Business:

Mentioning proper keywords that properly define your business/services would be a great help for your business to get more searches, traffic, and leads. Because the keyword is the key from where leads come through. Keywords must be relevant and related to your business/services. So that if a person who wants your services and products would find you easily with the help of your matching keywords.

5. Choose Category of your Business:

Choose the best category that defines your business(your products or services). For example, if you run a digital marketing agency then you can choose one of the categories on your GMB profile from Internet marketing services, a marketing agency. Also, you can make subcategories related to your business. The actual category also helps in the ranking, for example, if you have taken the Marketing Agency category for your agency then your listing is more likely to get ranked if someone searches digital marketing or marketing agencies. Do not select too many categories for your business also. Choosing the right categories can positively influence your rank in Google Maps’

6. Reviews and Ratings:

Reviews always matter a lot on your google business listing. This impacts your impression in front of Google searches. As whenever any searcher searches about anything on Google, it only shows up the best-reviewed services, products, or business first. The more you got good reviews on your listing the more you’ll get on top of the searches which will get you more traffic with the help of Digital Thinking in this Digital World.

7. Update Videos and Photos about your business regularly:

Always upload videos and photos related to your work i.e. products, services, office infrastructure, offers, new products, office staff, regular updates, etc. Pictures and videos attract more people and give them direct information about you without going in-depth. Clear and expressive pictures will always attract people towards them and an impactful and informative video will also help your customers to know more about your services, business, and product easily.

8. Regular and Timely Reply on Reviews:

As reviews are important for your brand on the same hand timely reply to those reviews will also help you to get more traffic. Which shows your perfection and activeness towards customers and visitors.

There are two types of Reviews one is positive and another one is Negative review. Either it’s a good review or bad review, always reply to every kind of review which you receive in your GMB account.

If you are replying to reviews then you are more likely to get good results as it will create a positive impact in the minds of people that your business is updated and relevant.

9. Reply to Customer Messages:

People can also connect you through google messaging tool facility for their queries and questions. Timely replying to their messages will also be effective for you. Activeness on Social Media and Digital Platform would always help you to connect more people. Which helps your brand, business/services to grow more and faster.

10. Add Description of Product/Services:

Mentioning a short description of your product, facilities, or services would be a great help for your Customers to find out your business on google via GMB. You can directly add product/service section description in through your dashboard within 1000 words limit for each section. There are services and product sections in the GMB list where you can mention all your products and services in detail. This step would be cheery on the cake because this will let people know about your services and products briefly. So that they can confidently make the decision about taking the call of action. This will help you in ranking higher in Google Maps.

11. Insights (Analysis):

Analytics about your business listing will be an important part to know more about how, from where and when you get growth and traffic to your listing and website, from this information you can find out how many visitors, phone calls, messages did you get in a week or in a month. Besides this from this facility you’ll get to know from where you get more traffic on your listing, with keywords help you get more leads and traffic. All this information you’ll get in this Insights section which helps you to take a keen eye on your every step towards growth and improvement.

12. Write a post related to your business:

A post on GMB comes under social media. Write a post related to your business to showcase your product/services by using the image and related content. The google post word limit is 1500 characters which are equivalent to 250 words. Use keywords related to your business in the post and also use keywords in the hash # tags. You can create posts and showcase offers, discounts related to your product or services. If there is an offer then create an offer post, if there is an event then use the event as a post also.

Add offers in the form of post to get maximum insights for your post.

13. Add Short name:

Claim your name for your business. Claim it as your brand name. You can also claim your short name related to your product or service, for example, if you run a Digital Marketing agency in Delhi, then you can create and claim your short name as digital-marketing-agency-in-Delhi which will help you in the ranking, but I prefer you to go with your brand name.

Bonus: Run Google Search Ads with Location extension at Lower Cost. With this option by Google my Business you can add your business location in Google search ads at a very lower cost. This will help you to get on the top three list in google search display with your location on the map. For this, you just need to add location extension in your google ads and link your GMB account with it.


A business listing on Google will help you in many ways. But if it is ranking in 3 peg listing then you will get more number of clicks and calls. GMB is free to use and has a great reach and impact on the public which also affects your leads online. With GMB you will get some genuine customers and buyers. This tool is a great initiative to start your business online and also generate leads for your Business.  With just an internet connection which we all have in today’s time, you can set up your business online with some easy steps. If you are already having GMB Listing then just follow the above-mentioned ways to optimize Google My Business listing for Local SEO ranking.

If you are not having GMB profile then you can start now by just creating a Google business account with a Gmail address. Google will verify your business location by sending a postcard that contains 6 digits of confidential code to your physical location. A postcard from Google takes around 7-10 days for verification and approval. After an approval of your listing just follow above mentioned steps for ranking Google My Business listing. Feel free to ask, if you have any doubt about GMB.


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